Even though da crypto market was kinda down last year, more people still wen put money into Bitcoin and Ethereum. Accordin to one report, da number of people who had at least $1000 of either one of dem digital currencies went up by 27%. Even dough da value of dem currencies dropped by ovah 60%, people still wen invest. Like, da number of people who had 0.1 BTC (which is about $1000) went from 3.4 million at da start of da year to 4.2 million by da end of da year. Same ting for Ethereum, da number of people who had at least 1 ETH (which is about $1000) went from 1.41 million to 1.73 million

Even when Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto empire fell, da adoption rate of dese top two digital assets still went up. And now, BTC and ETH are back on da rise, going up by over 30% in da last month. Even oda digital assets like Aptos’ APT token, Solana’s SOL, and FTX’s FTT token are doing good too. Da whole crypto market also hit da $1 trillion mark again.