Bitcoin go up 3% afta Fed rais da key interest rate quarter point, but say jus need coupla mo rate incres befo da bank take a break from fightin against inflation.

Fed hike da rate by quarter point on Wednesday, and dat braddah Powell say disinflation process start and da Fed still at restrictive policy stance. Da hike da sixth in row cause da Fed try tackle worst inflation in 40 years.

Edward Moya from OANDA say Bitcoin goin up cuz Fed cuttin’ da rate. Powell say dey makin’ progress wit inflation so dat’s good news for cryptos. If da inflation stay low, den da good times for crypto goin’ stay strong.

Bitcoin wen up cuz Powell no worry ’bout da money flow easin’ up. Powell no go all tough guy, dat made lots a traders get back into da risky stuff. Bitcoin got big roadblock at $24,000 level, but if dey go past dat, momentum traders may try make da rally go up to $26,500 zone.